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Dietary Needs



Nutrition is very important for the life of your pet. As your pet transitions through different life stages, his/her nutritional needs will also change; puppies and kittens have different dietary needs as compared to adult or senior pets, for example. Pets with medical conditions can also benefit greatly from diets that are especially formulated for their specific needs. Aerowood Animal Hospital carries a full line of special veterinary diets and treats for dogs and cats, supporting the nutritional needs of many medical conditions. We can also help you select an over-the-counter maintenance diet that suits your pet's life stage and life style. Just ask us!



Some of our Veterinary Prescription Diets for dogs and cats include:


      -    Hills Prescription Diets
      -    Iams Veterinary Diets (IVD)
      -    Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
      -    Purina Veterinary Diets



Veterinary diets provide nutritional aid for the management of pets with:


      -    Adverse reactions to food
      -    Arthritis/Mobility problems
      -    Cardiovascular Disease
      -    Bladder stones
      -    Diabetes Mellitus
      -    Feline urinary tract problems/Urolithiasis
      -    Gastrointestinal Disorders
      -    Hepatic Disorders
      -    Obesity/Weight Control
      -    Oral Health
      -    Recovery/Cancer Problems
      -    Kidney Disease